I’m starting fresh with this web log. Well… all the old posts are live, but the design of the site has been simplified.

When I started WP I wanted to show everyone how easy it was to cook vegan food yourself. I’m not sure if I was very successful because most of the food I cook for myself is a little on the unappealing side (!).

Now I just want to concentrate on writing, admittedly, mostly for the pleasure of it. I’ve noticed that this blog has a very small readership: most visitors come from search engines. How to Slaughter a Pig has been a success in this way. So I can post whatever I like here, knowing my audience is everyone, potentially. I do want to contribute in ways I’m really proud of though… anything except update this blog for the hell of it.


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Thanks to…

Building a website isn’t astrophysics anymore, thanks to:


  • The WordPress Team. WordPress is the blog engine of my choice. Always has, always will be. That could be just because I’m too lazy to learn other engines, but I’m told by others it really is the best. Thanks Guys!


  • This blog uses a personalised version of the K2 theme.


Inspiration & Help

  • Daniel Scocco, who escaped the world of the MNC to set up the hit web development blog Daily Blog Tips. Basically, although I have run a few hobby blogs previously, I found all of David’s advice great for streamlining this site’s design, content and appearance. Very inspiring information there, if you’re a blogger, you must read it.
  • Maki Maki over at Dosh Dosh also has really useful posts although most of the time it’s right over my head :) .

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