I have a diverse background including inventing, branding and producing the world class non-dairy cheese Notzarella, WordPress freelancing and even music production.

I’ve got strong visual skills including vectors, illustration and photography, but an equally strong penchant for experience and strategy. I thrive working on projects with the potential to improve quality of life.

I’m looking for a great team where I can play a part in solving important problems and contribute to a high functioning workplace.

Check out my manifesto, it might just tell you more about me than this page does.

My skils and experience cover a range of “creative” formats such as illustration and graphic design. My skills extend to HTML and CSS (OK, a little Javascript and PHP but I’m no developer). I’ve dabbled in video, motion graphics and audio production and can contribute here also.

I very strongly recommend Ali. He has done splendid work in organizing our web site, organizing an online forum for our group’s effective communications, helping produce ads, logos, banner slogans, and much more. I’ve found him to be very prompt, cooperative and efficient and easy to communicate with.
Richard Schwartz

I like to do things purposefully, even though most poeple just want me to wing it. Really good design is considered. The basics are very important and many problems can be straightened out or avoided by forming solid basics for a project. Designers will know what I mean. Other people may just be impressed with the words solidbasicsdesign and considered.

The website has made a significant difference. Before it, orders came in sporadic trickles, but now i have a steady flow via the online world. I have as many orders as i can handle. Ali’s undying patience and amazing generosity means that this impossible dream is now a reality!
Lara from Extremely Nappies

An example of my graphic illustration.

I recognise that we live in a world where quality doesn’t really matter – to most poeple design seems like a waste of time beacuse it doesn’t obviously put food on the table. Designers seem to be the only ones who think designers do more than make things pretty. That said, quality matters. I approach all my work as if I will die immediately on completing it in a freak but painless accident.

I just love the new website and am even getting people applying for jobs from it already. He has had so much patience with me and I just wanted everyone to know what a great job he has done, so I wouldnt hesitate in reccomending him to anyone.
Kim from Virtual Call Centre

As well as being a forthright member of the church of design, I also believe in fun – two ideologies that should interbreed more often. This About page and its considered frivolity is the worst example of this – it’s usually more subtle. My excuse is coffee. I’m professional in that I present well, respect others and put my best into everything. However I do also like to help people enjoy what they’re doing.

I was greatly impressed that after our initial conversation Ali had my website up and ready to go within about 24 hours. Just a few phone calls, emails and days later I had my web-site live! I couldn’t believe how easy and effortless Ali made my experience. What makes Ali truly stand out is his passion for about helping micro businesses succeed, evident by his exceptional customer service, friendly style and business community focus. I get so many comments on how professional and impressive it looks.
Angelo Ziazaris


I’ve produced music in the past and am pretty handy when it comes to multimedia, having dabbled with motion graphics and video production. Not much to show for it, just saying it’s an area where I can contribute. Here’s a track I wrote and published in 2004.

Design can be a lonely endeavour. Besides that, it feels wrong when you tell poeple you can do everything when you know you can only do half of some of it. So guess what? I’m looking for work! Your firm or design-respecting-organisation could be the lucky first to have me on the team, making things that make people go ooooh, that’s pretty (unsuspecting that their life is getting 0.0005% better).

Enough sass (I can use SCSS too), here’s what I do in a large, scattered nutshell.

Design for Digital & Web

Alistair is a blogging and CSS expert! He’s responsive, generous with his time and advice, and great to work with! I’ll definitely use him again with my next blogging challenge, and would happily vouch for his work.
Raz Chorev

I cut my teeth on the streets (not really) making WordPress websites for small businesses and entrepeneurs. At the time I felt like an imposter – learning much of the HTML, CSS and PHP as I went along. But eventually I came to realise I wasn’t bad at this multidisciplinary design thing, but that my design goals were set higher the design sky.

… the more I talked with Ali the more I knew he could see my vision of what I wanted my blog site to look like! His creativeness is fantastic, but even more, I was thoroughly blown away by his ability to take the abstract concepts I had jumbled in my head and make them into a beautiful showcase of what I wanted my blog to look like!! It is me, colourful and busy and dynamic!
Stephanie Bressan from Stellar Strategies

After a couple of years successfully freelancing, I developed my own ideas which I later discovered were pretty much #UX, which I’d never heard of. So I invented a non-dairy pizza cheese and set about creating a unique, crafted experience around it.


I spent a year producing this little yellow block of oil, water, soy salt and other variously admixed ingredients, solving a pressing problem for many Australians who can’t or don’t want to eat cheese. But goddammit I was just not born for food production. It would have got very boring if I wasn’t also able to create a brand I am still very proud of, including packaging, a website, and a social media communication strategy. At the end of it I had some very solid experience in the above.

In my experience it’s often much easier to design for other people’s projects than my own, but in the case of Notzarella it felt suprisingly straightforward. I’d love to say I brainstormed, researched, prototyped, and iterated on the Notzarella brand, but once the product was finished, the rest fell together neatly. Read about the Notzarella design project in the portfolio.