Ads target meat-eaters on greenhouse

What an awesome campaign by the Aussie Supreme Master Ching Hai Association! Best wishes.


Meat-eaters are the focus of a $400,000 television, print and billboard advertising campaign launched today linking methane emissions from cows to global warming.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai Association – which describes itself as a non-profit spiritual and humanitarian organisation – is funding the campaign through hundreds of individual contributions.

It will urge people to do three things to save the planet: reduce power consumption, reduce transport emissions and reduce meat consumption.

Going vegetarian will have the largest impact in the shortest period of times, campaign spokesman Gerry Bisshop said.

“That’s a bit surprising for some people because they don’t realise that nearly a third of our greenhouse emissions come from cows,” he said.

“They eat all day and burp all day. Not much out the other end but they burp a lot.”

Mr Bisshop said there are more cows in Australia than people and each one produces 300 litres of methane every day.

Methane is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas pollutant than carbon dioxide, he said.

“So you can be a vegetarian and drive a Hummer and you’re still more eco-friendly than a meat-eater on a bicycle,” Mr Bisshop said.

“We’re just urging people to cut down.”

And as would be expected from a spiritualist, Mr Bisshop isn’t blaming farmers or the meat industry for pushing the product onto our plates.

Instead, he said people are individually irresponsible.

“They produce what we eat,” Mr Bisshop said.

“If we change our eating habits the farmers will change. The meat industry is not the enemy.”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s campaign runs for three weeks from today.

AUSTRALIANS tucking into a juicy steak in front of the tele are being asked to consider how their meal impacts on climate change.

Posted on May 26, 2008 Modified May 26, 2008