WTF is this? It's my homage to the early web. I had a whole theme that looked like this but I chickened out because it looked like I had really bad taste. For @RaamDev.

These are most of my ramblings from the last 13 years or so. I've collected some from other previous blogs and there are dead links aplenty. Some recent posts redirect to other places on the web.

Just like you I'm not the same person I was ten years ago. I'm much worse.


2018 14 October: Résumé (Uncategorized)
2018 12 March: DM-Lathe (Level-design)
2018 10 January: Stacked (Culture, Visual)
2017 17 September: Circles (Portfolio, Visual)
2017 2 March: (Portfolio, Visual)
2015 17 September: Bear It (Culture, Visual)
2014 27 June: The Manifesto (Culture, Design & Web, Interactive & Visual Design)
2013 28 September: Know Thy Theme (Design & Web, Interactive & Visual Design, Marketing)
2013 19 August: Renata Jayne (Interactive & Visual Design, Portfolio, Web Design)
2012 27 February: Move On (Culture)
2008 7 November: Caravan (Music, Music, Writing & Art)
2007 26 January: Crisis (Uncategorized)