Climate Change and Our Spiritual Practice

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Christmas 4-day Retreat, Paris, France December 23/25, 2007

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Master in Paris 07First we have to save this planet so that we’ll be able to stay; that’s first. And then we will think of our own place. The way it is going, if they don’t fix it, in four or five years’ time: finito, no more. It’s really that urgent, because the time is short. So be more diligent in practice. Four or five years’ time is very short; it’s only the blink of an eye.

The main point is that we spread good news on Supreme Master TV. Second, we have to meditate a lot – every second you can, every minute you can – and do whatever you can to save the planet. For instance, go out with the Alternative Living flyers and tell people to eat vegetarian, tell people to plant trees, spare some electricity, water, and so on. But that is not much. The government has to do something. They have to stop it altogether. Anyway, I have done my best, and we have done our best.

I feel sorry, because the humans have been misled. As I’ve told you, they don’t really know. If no one teaches them, how will they know? One blind leads the other blind, and they all go down into the pit and don’t even know it. So, I feel really sorry, and that’s the only thing that makes me keep working – despite all the frustration, all the sadness, all the mistreatment that they measure out to me, all the pressure I have all these years, and all kinds of unfairness. The only thing keeping me working is because I feel so sorry for everyone, that they have not been taught. They have really been misled, gravely, big time. And then once they start in that direction, it’s very difficult to turn back. Besides, no one even tells them to turn back.

The ocean bed has a lot of poisonous gas. If the ice at the poles all melts, and the sea gets warm, the gas will be released from the ocean, and we’ll all be poisoned by that gas from the ocean. No need then to talk about flooding, or warm climate, nothing. If the surface is warm, the gas will be released. It stays down there because it’s cold there right now. But if the ocean water is too warm, it’s possible that the gas will be released. It’s a lot of gas, enough to kill everyone. We’ll die simple and quick. Don’t worry, there’s no suffering. To die by gas is no suffering. It’s better than dying by anything else, like suffering by flood or to die slowly by roasting from the climate.

“At this rate, the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012, much faster than previous predictions.” – NASA scientist Jay Zwally

The climate is warming quicker than they predict; that’s the problem. Because when one thing warms, it makes another thing warm. So, if the ocean is warm, it melts the ice. When the ice is there, it reflects the heat, and so the ocean is less warm. But now the ocean is warm enough to melt the ice, and so there is nothing to reflect the heat; therefore, the ocean is warmer. That’s why they could not calculate it well. And so it keeps warming faster than they think. So in that case if the governments or everyone doesn’t do anything, then that’s it. That’s the way it is. It’s logical; no need to be scientist to know it, and no need to believe me. Because the ice reflects the sun, sending it back into space, but the ice is melting so fast now that there’s not enough reflection. And because the sea is already warm, it melts the ice; and because the ice melts, the sea is warmer. It’s a cycle. There’s no need to analyze any further than that.

We’ve been warned long enough. If you see the Singapore lecture I made 10 or 15 years ago, I already warned them that we have to change the way we live our life; otherwise it’s too late. Or before that, I always talked about how we deforest our planet. Meat eating and so on contributes to a lot of the damage to our Earth planet. They listen and yet they go home and do the same. What else am I going to do? Sometimes I am ready to give up already. But it’s okay, we just continue as much as we can. If we can save the planet, we save the planet. If we cannot save the planet, then we cannot. There are only two choices, right? It’s very simple.

“Don’t eat meat, do ride a bike, and be a frugal shopper – that’s how you can help put the brakes global warming” – Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC

Scientists say many things. They are listening now, but I just hope they do it fast, that’s all. It just takes action. They do know everything now; all the governments in the world really take it seriously now. The UN has already declared it, and the United States and China are trying to cut down on everything. I’m just worried the action might be too slow.

I’m telling you so that you meditate more, in case it happens. But if you meditate more, maybe things will change and it might not happen. Then it’s also good; at least you have extra meditation power. That’s no harm.

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