Dear World

This message was sent by me to the world early in the morning of the 31st of May 2008…

Dear World

A problem bites at me so that I can’t rest. I have something to tell you but no way to reach you.

We are destroying our environment. We are wasting the food given to us by the Powers that be. We are abusing our friends and helpers, the animals. We don’t have long left to learn how to live like real humans.

In our world we grow more than enough food for everyone. We then take a third of it and give it to animals we breed to kill. From the bodies of these animals we get back 10 percent of the nutrition we put in.
This equates to wasting 25 to 30 percent of what we have.

In the developed nations we have power and plenty. We forget the plight of others and even waste around a third of the food we buy. So we are two thirds down. With the rest, most is consumed in the developed world. The rest has… not enough… or less.

Even if climate change is false – we must still act to preserve our dignity as humans. I pray that we grow in compassion for each other and also those wonderful beings all around us. Go vegetarian or cut your meat consumption by at least 2/3rds. Be careful with food.

Alistair Dark

Posted on May 30, 2008 Modified May 30, 2008