Vector Illustrations

These are mostly made using a combination of vector and raster work. In case those are new terms for you, vectors lend themselves to that very precise, geometric graphic looking work, while raster is more painterly or photographic.

These are all mostly fun, for my own purposes and the themes are of a wide variety.

Sonic of the Sacred Heart

Printed and delivered to my favourite design agency with a reminder to employ me written on the back.

80s Stereo Concept

(Work in progress images here). I converted it to a box and stuck a cover letter inside it for a music industry design job 😀 – wish me luck.

Hero Image

This was a part of an internship at Tiikr, who make a workflow / forms app. I was actually prototyping an industry-specific product page which you can see here. The actually used it on their homepage, not construction page, which was a happy surprise, as well as adopting a lot of my styling.

Bear It

just a doodle really.




Ginger Doodle

<- The actual working filename. A sad fact: I can’t keep toothpaste in my mouth. I used this as a theme to create a vector version of my perfect bathroom, with deep blue sparkling tiles and clear plastic red taps. I’m not usually into sparkle, but sometimes we like things because of what they remind us of.

doodle ginger


Forest God

This is a fantasy scene I put together for my nieces, to be printed on canvas. It’s a variation on a scene from Wolf Princess, one of my favourite Japanese animations.


Singularity Bot.

Finally, a more dystopian theme.  This one incorporates a lot more raster elements through  textures pasted inside vectors. It’s the earliest of such works and technically my least favourite. I’m quite happy with the character design of the bot though.

bad habit

Posted on October 20, 2015, modified March 4, 2017.