How to Save this World

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at the recent SOS! International Global Warming Seminar in Seoul, Korea.

enews183-hi-115We have to ask for forgiveness from Heaven and from all beings for all the harm that we have done to them. And the powerful collective positive and loving power of the whole world will repel the darkness that is coming toward us, that is facing us right now. That’s the only solution I have.

I hope my words are falling into some wise ears and I hope people are doing it. I’m not sitting here as a religious head or as a moral person. I’m sitting here as your co-citizen, and I’m telling you truthfully from my heart, that is the only solution we must take.

Even despite all the scientific development, despite all the physical means that we try to elevate, the farming technique, or the adaptation to climate change, that will no do for the long run if our spiritual value is not up to the expectation of human’s value, that is, it’s not up to Heaven’s standard. We must turn our life around, we must.

enews180-hi-2I don’t say anybody should follow me, no no, no need. Just study your bible and act accordingly. All the bibles tell us, all the scriptures of religions in the world told us we have to love one another, we have to be compassionate to all beings, including animals.

That’s all there is, compassion. Love one another, and compassion. That’s very simple: love. Love your neighbors, love everyone else, love the animals. When we love, we don’t harm. When we love, we don’t kill. The only religion is love. One simple solution is love. That’s it. We have to follow our heart.

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Posted on June 3, 2008 Modified June 3, 2008