Humility Reveals True Knowledge

Just a few words on ego spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai. I think we all might need them sometimes. Paris, August 2007enwes191-2

Humility is very important. Humility means the absence of ego. Ego means the absence of humility.Without humility, you will cause a lot of trouble and headache for everyone, including the Master. Even if you want to do good, you do just ego. It’s just the way you think! You ignore everyone else. You don’t consider. It’s not because you want to; you just live that way. Your ego leads you into that kind of inconsiderate way of life, and then it’s very difficult for you to understand anyone else’s feeling or convenience.

So, the ego is your worst enemy, worse than eating meat! If people already kill it and you eat it, okay, you have some karma, and you don’t have too much compassion. But with ego, you even forsake compassion, because you don’t know what compassion is anymore. You are blind to the people around you, to their feelings and their emotions and their needs. You are blind! If you have ego, you just think of yourself, the way you want to do this and do that. You do it your way, and you don’t think of any other alternative. You don’t consider anyone else. The ego is the one that stands in between you and the true knowledge of Providence. So, anyone who has a big ego, don’t consider yourself intelligent at all! You are just a repeating kind of parrot, learning from anything that you know. But you are not truly intelligent.

The one who truly has knowledge is the one who has no ego. Then your knowledge shines, and you do everything right! It’s just like that. So don’t be afraid of any danger or any trouble – be afraid of your own ego. Ego is what? From where do we have ego? It’s from past life impressions and accumulated habits or associations, and background. If you learned something and you became good at this, and then you learned something else and you became good at that, and everyone kept praising you, then over time, you get so used to being praised, your ego grows, and you think that whatever you do is good because you’ve become used to being at the top. And then you don’t consider anyone. It’s just become a habit. But these are very bad for us; so, try to eliminate that.

Only when you eliminate your ego will your knowledge be truly revealed. That’s why in the old times, it is said, “The man who knows looks like the man of low knowledge”; he looks like an ignorant person, because he might not show off his worldly skills or knowledge. He doesn’t even want to show off! If he knows, he doesn’t show off. For him, it’s not important anymore. The important thing is the real knowledge of Heaven, the true, original knowledge, which we forsake for learning some skill or something in this world, or for any doctrine or any policy or any special talent, just to be on top of the society – forsaking our own great Self and the real knowledge that we always have, to be a great person.

So, to have knowledge in this world is not the top priority, really. Learn what you can to survive, of course. But if we forsake our real knowledge for worldly skills, that is a very great pity. It will enhance only our ego, and it will separate us more from our true knowledge – from the One who knows everything, the One who pervades everywhere, and the One who never goes wrong.

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Posted on October 28, 2007 Modified October 28, 2007