Individual mind is Kal on a small scale. It is Kal…

Individual mind is Kal on a small scale. It is Kal’s agent, attached to every soul to keep it out form the eye focus and keep it entangled in this world. No individual is at peace with himself and no one is happy. In ignorance, doubt and fear, men go about. When such is the case of the individual, the case of groups of such individuals and nations cannot be expected to be any better. The world is a plaything of Kal. Both parties in this war profess to be Christians, and Christians are killing Christians for transitory things of this dirty material world. When art flourishes, luxuries come in its train, and the weak side of human nature takes the upper hand. Forces of evil are let loose and war is the ultimate outward expression. In spite of the development of science, the world is ignorant of the value of human form. It does not know that it is the residence of our Creator. In this form we have the opportunity to meet Hirm (‘he’ plus ‘her’ = ‘hirm’! Let’s be PC here) and end our woes and wanderings. Then we would wish that we many never come back to this world; let others enjoy it.

Maharaj Sawan Singh, in Spiritual Gems (p178): a collection of written replies to his spiritual disciples. Sawan Singh changed form in 1948. He reminds me very much of my own teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai, born in 1950.

Posted on January 31, 2007 Modified January 31, 2007