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Disclaimer – I’m not a professional musician (although one of my tracks was picked up by a label it got nowhere). However I enjoy it as a pastime and learning how to use sound has helped me grow as an artist in general.

In early 2003 I made a move from Brisbane to Melbourne. It was quite brave now that I think about it. I was 22, had $300 to my name. I did have a kind offer from a friend who would put me up rent free until I found work. I was quite lucky, I got a good casual job in the first place I applied. I ended up living in three different rooms before I boxed my life and boarded a plane back to Brisbane two years later.

This was the last room I lived in, in Whitehorse, and where I made my best music of the time. I think you can see how much I sacrificed for my music, but I really liked the simplicity of this life.


And here’s me as the dishy in Gopals on Swanston St. Great job! The photo is probably from a phone in 2003 – not ideal.


World Groove was a major influence when I started producing. Caravan is my most successful track in this genre. It’s also my favourite musical creation in general.

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In 2006 I created this soundtrack to go with the visuals for Princess Mononoke, one of my favourite animated films. It’s the only orchestral thing I’ve done, and I’m quite happy with it, although there are parts where it sounds a touch artificial (it was 100% programmed in matrix format with samples and synths, not played, which is also a first).

The following three tracks make up my 2004 submission for SOYA. These were early works, a year into learning music production, where I started to get more confident experimenting and mixing. I had lost these long ago, but in 2016 someone emailed me said they had a CD that was given to them by their brother, who got it from his friend, who got it from someone on the train in 2004 (me), and did I have more music?

Some of it is painful to listen to, some of it is great – either way they are a part of my early style and musical development.

The first track (track one, it’s listed second) is actually based on a melody I created when I was around 17, on my dad’s 5 track roland.

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Posted on September 19, 2015 ... Modified March 8, 2018