The President of Slovenia on Spirit and Politics

In looking at the politics, I don’t expect that change will be initiated from the politicians, from above. The pressure and the change must come from the foundation, from the people’s consciousness. And then the behavior of the politicians and of business leaders will start to change and we can create a better world. – Dr. Janez Drnovsek

Supreme Master Television, the international satellite/internetTV station dedicated to all things positive and humane, interviewed the remarkable President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovsek. Slovenia’s president is a compassionate man who lives the contradictions between economics and such issues as social welfare and animal rights. We could say that he blances the past with the future – an arduous but necessary task.

Being a man openly concerned with the spiritual aspect of life, his success in politics is an anomaly, though increasingly less so as time goes on and people identify more with their spiritual rather than material being. Nevertheless his views on the interaction between the spirituality of the people and how they choose to govern themselves will be valid for a long time yet. He has played a role in both ‘socialist’ and ‘liberal’ political parties, demonstrating his allegiance to a higher ideology- one that is more fundamental and essential to human life.

The thought of President Drnovsek extends beyond Slovenia to the people of the world. In establishing the Movement for Justice and Devlopment he aim is broad: “to raise the consciousness of people… around the world.”

Broadly, Slovenia’s president represents the neohumanist movement. He identifies issues of the day with percision based on real understanding of the divine nature of each human being. The workings of the world today are often in contradiction with this latent property. The very nature of our system, being divided into materialistically identified groups precludes our very divinity!

Sometimes I say that politics ideally defend the interests of humanity as a whole. But they are always about the interests of some groups of people or of nations with economic interests. We can speak about geopolitical interests, but who defends the humanity as a whole? Who defends the earth? No one!

Talking about the challenges of the day, the president is aware that they will continue as long as the meta-ideological trends and materialistic paradigms, that give rise to tribalism and individualism, continue.

And just imagine what the people, perhaps living thirty, forty years from now, will think about the generation that could have stopped these developments, but didn’t. What will they think about us if we don’t act, if we don’t move, if we don’t change these patterns of behavior, of politics, of big business, sometimes also big media and so on; that we will just allow this to go on, all because of benefit and profit and greed, because of selfishness, of eternal struggle between some groups of people or individuals or nations.

On education and the reproduction of society, Dr. Drnovsek knows that we must critically observe how we socialise and educate our children. They must be allowed the freedom to develop their natural inward self-intimacy, from which comes empathy and compassion. Presently, we are overrun with the pressures of surviving in a competitive individualistic society.

Education is very important. I think that education should contribute to the formation of the consciousness of children. This is much more important for them than to have an accumulation of all kinds of knowledge. They have to develop awareness in themselves, a consciousness or feeling that we are human beings who are interdependent, who must care for each other; that we cannot survive without this kind of connection or solidarity with other people, other living beings, animals, nature and so on. And of course they should be taught how to overcome their selfishness, not taught to do things just for themselves such as how to succeed, how to make a career or how to earn as much money as possible. These are old patterns, ones that cannot ensure the survival of humanity. So new methods should be taught. But this is not easy because then we need teachers and parents with a high level of consciousness. Also, we don’t have so much time to pass all of these tasks to our children. We have to educate them properly, but at the same time we must do our job; we must first raise the consciousness of the people, and then act in a way that will stop the destruction of the climate, of the planet and also to ensure even more just laws that will stop these wars and conflicts that go on repeatedly over time because of greed consciousness, the desire to prevail over others and so on.

He speaks of the unfortunate necessity of calamity in preceding the necessary change. Such events though terrible for those who face the brunt of them, contribute to an awakening within each of us- an awakening that is important for the positive evolution of humankind (not to speak in terms of ‘survival’ of the ‘human race’. We must look on an even grander scale than that. Humanity would be better if it ceased to be rather than follow a track into the world that materialism, tribalism and individualism – etc. etc. – creates).

That’s why it’s very possible that a kind of shock will be needed. I think that we have had these kinds of shocks; we already now have more and more natural catastrophes, and probably there will be more and more serious ones, and it will become more and more difficult to ignore and to forget. For example, the catastrophe that happened in New Orleans, which everyone very quickly tried to forget – the conditions, our responsibility for doing nothing before, and for responding badly during the crisis. Even the media backed off; everyone just tended to forget, instead of really thinking about it. But this could be just the beginning. So, another catastrophe, perhaps even bigger than this one, might follow. Something must be changed in our societies, in our states. Unfortunately this one was not enough. But I have faith that bigger shocks are on the way; and probably they will help to wake up humanity’s consciousness, together with our efforts, so that all of us will be aware of the state of the world, that the future is in danger.

Dr. Drnovsek speaks of an energy that can spread, an infectious positivity that infects the religions and atheistic alike.

I think that we start to create positive energy when we overcome our selfishness, when we and become aware of other people, when we are compassionate, when we feel the suffering of others. At this point, we start to create positive energy in our positive thoughts, positive feelings, and by doing positive things, like helping other people and animals. So we need a lot of this.

Raising the consciousness means to create much more positive energy for everyone everywhere. It means making more good, in order to create those effects. And the media and these kinds of programs are very important. We have the stories to make everyone conscious, but generally we do not use them enough. So we will have to spread much more positive energy everywhere in the world. I think that basically all the religions want to make human beings better, to do good things, to develop the values of honesty and also understanding and helping other people. So let’s focus on this and try to gather all different concepts, to raise the consciousness of humanity.


What is important, if we speak about religions, is that every religion is good if it is sincere, if it is deep. Every prayer is good, because every prayer creates positive energy. People, through religion and through prayer, try to come nearer to the higher universal consciousness. So it’s important that the religion is really sincere and deep; it can help. It can help the individual who is religious in this way and also it can help other people. So this is the most important; but this we cannot achieve through laws, I think.


…everyone has to do what he or she can…

Posted on May 5, 2007 Modified May 5, 2007