The Secret of Prayer

Just a few beautiful words from the spiritual patron who graces this blog occasionally, but whose blessings (I hope) permeate it, on the art of true prayer. How do I pray properly? The secret lies in the way I live my life rather than how I pray – ie., who I am.


But I can tell you a little secret. The secret of response to prayers lies in the way we walk our lives. Walk the way of Heaven if we want to experience Heaven. Like attracts like. We must walk the way of love if we want to see love.
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To hurt, to harm any being including ourselves is killing. And for that matter all other advices such as: no intoxicants; no alcohol and drugs; no stealing; no sexual misconduct; no lying etc., etc., are all included in the first precept of non killing, non violence. Because killing takes many forms as mentioned above. Not just physical harm. So you see the best prayer is to stop it. Stop all the killing. Prayer in reality; prayer in all sincerity; and prayer in action. That kind of prayer will touch Heaven and then we will have response every time we pray for something noble and good
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You see when we pray like that means we offer our obedience to Heaven’s command. Then Heaven will come to meet us. We don’t even need to pray. Good things will come our way then. As like attracts like always. You understand how to pray now.

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Whatever we imagine Heaven should be, we must live it. Then the planet will be heaven. We imagine that Heaven is a place for peace, love, cooperation in all beings. That’s what it is.
And if we have peace and love for all beings around us then our place becomes Heaven. It’s so simple, ok. We have been told since thousands or millions of years how to achieve that heavenly vision but we haven’t done it. Not completely. Maybe a little, partially. Okay so if some of us forgot I take the privilege to remind you again. Very simple. Be a vegetarian. Be loving and kind. Be forgiving. And if possible at all be a bearer of light. Meaning be enlightened. And if you don’t know how I can also remind you too, to be enlightened. Or our association members can help you with that. Or go find any of the enlightened person who is willing to help you. But even if you’re not interested in being enlightened at all just be vegetarian, doing good things, being forgiving. That should be absolutely enough. Yeah? To safeguard your life on Earth and to safeguard a humble place in Heaven. Everything else will automatically follow. All the goodness, all the virtues will follow after that. Vegetarian, do good, forgive. Thank you. I hope you’re happy with my answer and my story.

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Posted on July 6, 2008 Modified July 6, 2008