The time is ripe

Too much time spent in the intellectual part of my being has led me to some interesting ideas but not much more. The effort itsn’t fruitless, but it does hold me back quite a bit from my true goal, greater spirituality. So dear readers I leave it to you to use these ideas how you see fit. Everything I’ve written here are truths, but they are lesser truths. These intellectual truths amount to much less than truths which can be plalinly seen and transmitted subconsoiusly, without the ego, between beings. These greater truths are those side effects of knowing one’s self as sprit and being a shining example in this world, of having integrated theory into one’s being by way of spiritual practice, by way of uplifting one’s consciousness through meditation and spiritual guidance. So I now leave to follow in the footsteps of my teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai, departing the realm of ideas for the realm of truth. Or that’s the general idea.

Today I am filling my mind with the words of Kabir, among them this:

In the sky stars appear, and seeing them everyone becomes happy. But when the sun comes out, it hides the light of the stars. Knowledge is like the stars, and the Essential Sound is like the sun. Stars of knowledge expliain the details of life, whereas the Sun of Sound leads the souls Home.

Posted on December 6, 2006 Modified December 6, 2006