There is neither male nor female.

A brief commentary I made on Peter Myer’s commentary on St. Paul in the Gospel of Thomas: “…there is neither male nor female…”.

Hi Peter

I wanted to add my two cents regarding your commentary on St. Paul’s statement ‘there is neither male nor female’. I don’t think Paul was talking in social or even physical terms. I think he was to each human a soul independent of the body, and transcending the temporary sexual identity.

No need to be embarrassed by this excellent idea.

Saints, from my experience, are not firstly concerned with social trends of the times. They usually purport the idea that if one knows oneself as soul, or a ‘child of god’ rather than identifies with their habits and body, that is the best contribution anyone can make to a smoothly run society.

The reason is that when people are not governed by materialistic ideas, they are less likely to oppress each other on any excuse, including sex, class, nationality or race.


Posted on April 11, 2007 ... Modified April 11, 2007