Made for construction.

Nowhere are the benefits of moving to digital more apparent than on site.

Provide your operators the revolutionary tools they need to streamline and improve inspections, reporting, follow-ups, inductions and safety compliance. We’re talking digital signatures, rich media capture and annotation, and geolocation reporting.

Go paperless Save time and money

Distribute Easily

Mobile apps let you manage you team members and share forms with them on the go

Real Time Monitoring

View workflow progress and visiualise data in the dashboard

Ensure Compliance

Tiikr is built to make your systems watertight.

Built for mobile operationsPowerful apps that capture and share data

Get your location

Tiikr provides easy and convenient location capture

Work Offline

Tiikr’s offline feature means you can continue to operate, even in remote areas

Barcode Scanning

Scan with your device straight into your forms and workflows

Image Capture & Annottation

Add photos with your edits to any form or workflow


Use secure digital signature for your approvals and follow ups

Smart, flexible, powerfulUnique features that make Tiikr the right choice for organisations small and large

Data Export

Send completed forms, and export your data for external system integration


What the @#$%@#$%@#$%@#$% are dependencies

Email Automation

Compile and send reports after forms and workflows complete

Replicate Fields

What the @#$%@#$% is replicating a field

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