To be a struggling creative

First world problems right?

Maybe you struggle with motivation. Maybe you’re depressed. Maybe you haven’t worked in a while and you feel the chances of you finding more work slipping away by the second. Maybe you’ve given up from time to time only to start again from the bottom. Maybe you’ve tried a few different things, all with the same result. Maybe you got some contract work and felt elated, only to be disappointed when you were turned out like the trash. Maybe you’re getting older and feel like you’re past it. Maybe you’ve let your physical health slide a little and feel out of place among the hipsters. Maybe you’ve concentrated on passion projects that no one seems to recognise, or that you weren’t even able to finish. Maybe you’ve had many interviews but always lost out to that mysterious someone with slightly more experience. Maybe you’ve tried to get some other, basic work but it makes you seriously unhappy and scared to do so. Maybe this buts pressure on your relationship, maybe you have already burnt your relationship to the ground with your lack of success and unwillingness to compromise.  Maybe you’ve done too many different things. Maybe you don’t use the right software because it’s too expensive for you. And now you forgot how to use it without constant googling. Maybe you see other creatives going from strength to strength and wonder why it’s not you. Maybe you feel weird going the junior roles that suit your actual experience. Maybe you’re an all-rounder, a high level thinker, so get skipped over for the grunt work. Maybe you’re even homeless, or feel like you’re heading there.

I have experienced all of these to some degree, many are exaggeration and a couple are understatements. But I wonder how many others are struggling as creatives. How do they get through it. How much of this is in our heads? How do you turn around such a prophecy?

I think I want to make it my mission to get out of this rut and help others to do the same.

Posted on July 15, 2019 ... Modified July 16, 2019