We Are Not Okay

(Spoken by the Supreme Master Ching Hai)

Many of us always blame God, or blame circumstances or situations that are unfavorable to us. Many things we ask are not given. We blame the society, sometimes the governments or our parents, even our schools, anything we can lay our hands on. But if we stop to think deeply or fairly a little bit, we should think: What do we contribute to the society, our nation, the world at large to make it become a better place; instead of waiting for it to be better by itself, which is sometimes impossible.

God doesn’t create us here so that we just lay in our rose bed everyday, waiting for bread and butter. We are here to learn — to learn to grow as well as to learn to use our limitless power of love and creativity in order to make a better world wherever we happen to be incarnated. If we do not learn to do this, then we have to return again; and that is what people call reincarnation. The unfulfilled desires or the unfulfilled mission, which is dormant within us, will be always awake inside, reminding us time again and again that we have not yet finished our job.

Many people think that we are okay, we are doing right; but we aren’t, we are not truly okay. One fifth of the population of this world is hungry. Another large portion of the population, our brothers and sisters, are undernourished. That is according to scientific research, it’s not from me. You can read that in the newspapers or demand for the proof. Many portions of our beautiful planet are still suffering under war, conflict, violence and many other disasters — man-made or by nature. It’s because we are not okay.

Even sometimes, we can’t do our hair alone, just to talk about small things; we don’t know how to clean the house properly; sometimes we can’t even help some people in need the way they want it. We make more mess out of our good intentions. Even if we want to help, we can’t. That’s why many projects are failing, many good leaders have become kind of almost useless, despite their very, very best intentions to help the world and their people. Why? Because we are not okay. We are not okay the way we should be okay, not the way we think we are okay.

If everything, many things in our life go wrong, if many of our desires go unfulfilled, if our next-door neighbor suffers, or if we suffer in any way, that’s because we are not okay. It is time that we faced up to our own shortcomings, our own accumulated, undesirable habits in order to reshape our beauty, our Godly nature; so that we can do what we want to do in perfection, or at least, near perfection. At least, don’t make a mess out of our good intentions whenever we want to help or we want to better ourselves, our family or our environment.

(From http://www.godsdirectcontact.com/lectures/We_Are_Stepping_Into_The_Golden_Age.htm)

Posted on November 2, 2006 Modified November 2, 2006