Pamela Protests and I Comment

Posted on July 11, 2008

I’m not sure if they’re going to publish my comment, so I’ll publish it myself. The original story regards Pamela Anderson protesting against the maltreatment of chickens by FKC suppliers. Firstly the comment I’m replying to:

ben dovere of sydney writes:
“Is everyone missing the point that these are just chickens? There is more pressing priorities going on around the world such as the treatment of the palestinians, irans testing of missiles, the Iraq situation and also private military companies (mercenaries) killing people on a daily basis in the middle east. Not to mention africa, north korea and freaking petrol prices! Get real.. They are chickens!”

My comment:

Yes, the world is full of many problems including wars between humans who turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of ‘the other’ and justify their actions on the many differences between ‘the other’ and them. But no matter what differences or justifications they offer each other, ‘the other’ still feels the same pain and suffering.

It’s not that different when we turn a blind eye to the intense suffering and abuse of 60 billion land animals every year. They don’t look like us, but they have nerves and a brain and register the same pain. Cows cry for their young and can shed silent teardrops when we kill them or steal their young for veal. Unfortunately we protected from these facts, somehow.

And all for nothing. We don’t need to eat meat. It’s a medical fact today though many attached and emotional people try to fight it. Get over it.