2011 Year of No Potential Update – on Personal Rewards and Success

Posted on February 25, 2012
Updated June 29, 2018

In 2011 I instigated what I called the Year of No Potential. It went OK. But throughout most of this year I learned more fully what I had suspected, that I have absolutely no control over what I get back from life, only what I can put in.

In fact I am starting to suspect that there is some kind of universal law in place directed at me personally that restricts me from receiving personal rewards in the sense that I ‘own’ things. I have plenty, everything I need and more, but none of it’s mine.

So slowly I learn to let go of the concept of wealth, and to give to the world without demanding personal recognition or success by worldls standards.

So I learn that I might not have that opportunity to waste a grand on a lovely new iMac after all.

So I learn that reality is actually quite generous to those who have made promises to help out, and that what is really important to the safety a human being is not a number on a digital screen representing their worth, but the extent to which they are ready to accept providence and go with the flow, as well as put positivity and value back into the system.

If my Notzarella venture goes anywhere, as it continually looks like it ‘might,’ I can only accredit it to a number of people and perhaps invisible beings and benefactors who are working together with me to make the good shit go down. Shit being nice things and down being up.