911: A Catalyst for Positive Global Changes

Posted on June 10, 2008

DSC_7726 The first time I realized that the world I lived in was not quite right was on September 11 2001. I was 22. No doubt older people recall different moments but this is mine. I had no idea what was going on and I still don’t. I accepted the retaliation and revenge as kind of normal. Years later I went through a phase of looking for 911 truth. But now I know that preventing another 911 relies on a much bigger truth that starts with every human being.

The problem is that 911 happened at all, not who did it. Even if 911 truth proves an inside job, they won’t be much closer to solving the real problem. 911 should help us realise that we all have to change – we all have to check our assumptions, our ideas.

We care most about those close by – but as we get out of town, our of the state, out of the country, empathy starts to dwindle. Things are foreign. “Are these people for real?” … “These people have nothing to do with me!” We need to understand – and make it basic knowledge, that beneath the skin and culture, we really do experience life, death, love and pain in the same way.

Is world news something that moves you? Why not?

I wish that on September 11th 2001 I was wise enough to see a symptom of a sick world – and recognize that the same illness existed in myself and in my community. Everyone remembers the support America had and the kind of prejudices that surfaced in the west – things were pretty tribal for a while.

As much as it hurts to realize, our societies allow negativity to survive. But there is an evolution of the human race into something brighter, happier. 911 is a catalyst in that evolution. It was a day that many people realized our societies are sick. Our nations are sick. And later they asked… are we sick?

We are uniting in empathy for all people, regardless of small differences.

So while I don’t believe the fearful warnings about terrorism, I also don’t believe in fearing those who spread this fear. There is no need to pay any attention to either sides of the coin. When the people of the world care about each other – because they realize they are the same – it will be a non-issue.