A Cow Cries at Slaughter

Posted on June 4, 2008

a cow cries after stun gun

Warning: this post portrays naked reality

There was no shaking or painful spasm as this image was taken – moments after she was shot by the bolt gun. There was just sadness. The cow cried and slid down the chute to be hung by a leg and ripped to pieces.

Tears are shed, presumably for the ignorance of the human race, after this beautiful animal is bolted through the forehead. The same animal is maimed and dismembered, strung up by one leg, while she slowly looses consciousness. Now that you know what happens you don’t need to watch the video. I’m not posting it. I’d rather you didn’t see it. I’d rather I hadn’t, except for the fact that I now know these animals really feel and express sadness – just like us.


a cow cries after stun gun2That video was shot in a European country, but similar methods are used over the world. Anyone can be desensitized to this level of suffering if they are exposed to it long enough.

Some people say human civilization might be about to change. I say it can’t stay the same. What can you do? Go vegetarian or vegan – today. It is good for the health, the planet, and your soul.