A Love Letter to Frustrated Digital Changemakers

Posted on March 17, 2012
Updated June 28, 2018

Let’s say you’re one of the many activist crusaders who have a clear goal and a good idea of how to get to it using digital strategies. You’re the progressive spawn of cultural evolution and heavenly inluence and are concerned primarily with impacting the world – although you’re not adverse to collecting some pocket money to help you do that along the way.

Let’s assume that you’re not lying to yourself about ‘pocket money’ and are actually motivated enough by your cause (I doubt manhy digital crusaders really detach their cause from their ‘lifestyle’ goals… a result of the influecen of the pure material crew of internet children). In fact one peice of advice from me, separate any ideas of income form your cause unless it leaves you no time for other work. It’ll remove a burdensome and hard-to-satisfy critera for success and leave you feeling lighter.

Assuming these things, you may be like some of my friends, and have come across a certain road block. It’s difficult to compete with the matierally motivated on the internet. You’ll also find many of the tactics others use to further their cause in the digital sphere set off alarm bells in your head. Double standards, stretching truths, misrepresenting yourself, treating people as investments and numbers, conditional giving, back scratching and last but not least blatant sucking up, parasitism and worship of the blogosphere elites. Such transgressions aren’t obvious and are rarely spelled out as what they are, but are detectable in most of the marketing-blogosphere, even the ones that promise to respect your sensitive heart and provide nice ways to rake it in, er… promote your self and cause.

Most people seem to think these small compromises are normal, and unfortunately they probably are. Nevertheless, when you get a whiff of them or see hints of their trail, you want to double over, fall off your chair and puke on the floor, disconnect the internet, melt your computers and phones, retreat into the hills and die quietly.

So if this is you, what else can you do except disconnect and look for other avenues to change the world?

People and role models

First of all you might be in contact with too many materialistic people, or people who have been brainwashed by materialistic people eager to collect worshipful drones.

In this case you could be more picky with who you connect with and listen to. Maybe stop talking to anyone online who is not directly involved with your cause and sees things they way you do. Some people are good at making you feel they have all the answers.

Especially beware anyone who talks about using the Internet to create a ’freedom’ lifestyle or to avoid any work. Firstly, it means they’re really coming from the wrong place, an extreme focus on the self and lack of self sarisfaction. Secondly, it means they’re really focused on income, and everything they say and do for you and their ‘audience’ is passed through a that filter. It’s a massive trap and one that’s hard to see, because location freedom is so often confused with other more important forms of personal freedoms. None of them have shit to do with your cause, which you could work on from the prison library, if it has net.

Just ignore the lifestyle thing, or anything that seems geared for personal benefit.

If you want to look up to anyone look at people who have achieved what you want to achieve, in terms of your ultimate goal, you’re reason for doing what you do. Don’t worry about anything in-between.

Strategies and methods

The strategies pushed as ’essential’ by the ’pros’ may have worked for them and others but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your own thing differently, after all, your thing is different. Their answers were for their questions, which were mostly about money.

Certain tactics seem to be repeated endlessly and have been compiled into a bible that is quoted every day every where on every blog that deals with online marketing and blogging, you don’t really need to know them.

But the Internet is very young. Yes some folks have done remarkable things for themselves, invented their own strategies. Instead of buying into their packages, do what they did and solve your own problems with your own strategies. You’ll have better knowledge of what you’re doing and

Truth be told, the psychologically intrusive and exploitive methods in the blogger-marketer’s bible are designed by desperation and may not be a sustainable methods for you.

The abundance perspective is present in the blogosphere and online world but mostly as lip service. It’s rare you find someone who really makes a mark for more than a month or two coming from a place of actual abundance. no, the Internet and its how-tos are dominated by neediness.

You don’t need to buy into this at all. Remove yourself from the equation and there’s no need for even abundance. Focus on your goal and keep your personal affairs separate.


Use new words if It helps to rid yourself of mismatched concepts. You’re not marketing. You’re reaching out. You’re not collecting subscribers, something sly marketers do with the ulterior motive of selling them stuff in the future (which always stinks, no matter how accepted it is). You’re helping others make their own change, and subscribing to you is just how they want to participate. Again, avoid even reading stuff written from the self-serving perspective.

At the end of the day I am just another person ramming their perspective into your head. The essence of what I want to say is be original, independent and take responsibility for your reaching your goals using your own creative initiative. All the above is just how i perceive it playing out for some. My word is definitely not gospel as is nobodies.

But this cant hurt: Instead of feeling low, frustrated inadequate, annoyed, confused and failing, strip away the nonsense, focus on whats important and stand on your own two feet.