A Love Letter to Some Bloggers

Posted on August 14, 2010
Updated October 24, 2015

            It&#8217;s puzzling to some bloggers why people read their blogs.</p>

But face it. Someone’s reading it. For a moment let’s pretend it’s me.

Why do I wait for your new-post emails, or pop my head in my RSS Reader to check for something new?

It’s not that your blog is super relevant to me. Maybe not at all, practically.

I’m not learning from your blog, per se. I don’t see you as a teacher. It’s not the information or the tips, I could get those anywhere. I do appreciate them, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not why I read you.

(Unless, that is, you are really the best blogger in your niche, and I’m an automaton who just wants to extract whatever information I can from you and apply it directly to my own enterprise.)

I’m looking at how you’re living your life, and I’m thinking about how to improve my own life.

I’m loving your attitude – and likewise – I’m working on becoming that person I want to be.

Watching you do your best helps me do my best.

You’re a real living human being, walking your talk, being that person you’re telling us about, you, inspires me.

Yes I identify with you or your vision, somehow.

But the reason I’m your peep is a combination of factors that nobody can precisely identify – so don’t even try. Just keep on keeping on.

Don’t Stop!

You could change your topic overnight, but as long as you were still writing with heartfelt integrity, I’d be there on the other side of the world waiting for you to hit “publish.”

Thanks Papalars for your striking image. It has nothing to do with my post, but it’s cool.