A matter of national security….

Posted on February 6, 2007

… a real national security would adequately fund a troublesome educational system and provide affordable healthcare for everyone. Real national security would consist of full employment and affordable medication for the elderly and the poor. Real national security is caring for wounded veterans coming home and rebuilding a broken city-New Orleans. National security would take subsidies from oil conglomerates and fund bio-fuels that would revitalize Rural America. A real national security would address the problems of gangs, drugs, corruption in politics, disenfranchised voters, the build-up of nuclear weapons and militaries, and the steadily rising cost of the Iraqi War that is almost $10 billion a month and has already cost over $500 billion.

An excerpt from From World News correspondent Beverly Darling’s excellent article: Iraq, Vietnam and the We-Are-At-War-For-National-Security Argument.