A Needle in a Haystack

Posted on February 24, 2019
Updated October 16, 2019

When I lost someone to the universe, cosmoverse or whatever people go when they are not people anymore, I worried a little that the person I knew was not what now existed, and that the things that held us together, flesh, family, had dissolved into time. I worried that they were now a needle in a haystack, lost in an infinite pool of souls, lost to a timelessness where our time together seems like a snap of the fingers, barely a memory.


But I’ve come to wonder if we know more of each other’s naked souls that I think. Kind of like how if you stare at one spot on the ground long enough, you can see all the tiny things moving. Having a point of reference helps you recognise the differences better. Because people are people, society is society and the loose variable is the soul. I don’t know. As long as we can account for the other variables, perhaps we know each other quite well.