Indie Game Dev #2: Glitch Arena

HomePods are Better with Tidal HiFi

Choose your own reality

Swanky Isometric Tech Things

Best Albums of 2010s

Open Letter to Australian Environmental Editors

@dark._.designs Insta Launch

iPhone 11 does Mie, Japan

Narita Night Rain with iPhone 11 And VSCO Cam

Details – ephemera captured

Dark Mode Doesn’t Need to be Inverted White on Black

Adding a Dark Mode to your Website

UE4 Tip: spawning character sounds in in a listen server environment

Old Phone Day (aka Apple Christmas)

Road to Welfare

A Needle in a Haystack

Why is it like the closer I am to finishing something, or achieving something, the less possible it feels?

New Camera old Feels

Coral Reef Infographics

Branding and Promo for Exhibition

Acrylic on Canvas, Late 2018 – early 2019

A Systematic Change

Design & UX Reads

Frag Forest: the indie game journey starts


Vegan Menu Design Doc WIP

Happy in My Bubble

Icons for Fugro

Transient Self

Level Design Lessons from 1v1 in AFPS


Edifier R1010BT – Great Value Speakers


Suzuka and Yokkaichi, Japan


New Theme – it’s Old!

New Music: How We Do It

How Tech Could Repopulate the Countrysides

Asakusa backstreets Nov 30 2017

Abstractions Nov 17

Music to the Mononoke Hime Trailer


Brisbane Vegan Festival Branding

Sonic of the Sacred Heart

Furry Thoughts

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Brand Identity

Japan in Colour

Japan Photozine

Concept: An 80s Stereo for 2016

Future News: Problems and Opportunities with Online News and its Monetisation

Brisbane in Mono

Bear It

Moving from Lightroom to Photos

The FoodPrint Guide

Thoughts on Photgraphy, possibly new. Probably not.

Please Don’t Call it Art

Fuck Focus…

The Trouble With Taking Good Photos

Photo February

Top Photos of 2014

Wandering Earl

Responsive Web Design: Breakpoints (Suck)

The Secret of Great Customer Experience

The Screen


Potato & Pea Soup (v1)

Customers are Not the Enemy, Right?

The Manifesto

The Meaning of a Photo

Photos from May

Vietnam, 2013

Why I switched from Scrivener to Ulysses

Facebook for Professionals

Facebook for Professionals

When is a button not a button? Reflections on flat “design”

Know Thy Theme

Choice: the Enemy of Simplicity

Design and Enlightenment

So Your Kid wants a Website?

Renata Jayne

Why I Love Design

Styling and Altering the WordPress Comment Form

Creativity vs. Capital

TDK A33… The Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker?

Do Retina Images Really Mean Larger Files?

The Best Paragraph I Ever Wrote

Adventures in Fluid Web Design

Simple, Plain-Text Social Sharing Links

Small but Useful Apps for Mac

How to Make Whole Post Excerpt a Clickable Link

When Simplicity Gets Misused (Users aren’t Amused)

Direction, Compromise, Attractive Evil Doorways and Ideals.

Drinking as a Quick Fix

Is Eating Meat Really a Personal Choice?

Compassion is a One Way Street

A Love Letter to Frustrated Digital Changemakers

Don’t Die a Theorist

Individual Secure Slave Culture

Random Useful Purpose

What if You Never Get What You Want?

Move On

Embrace the Arrogance of Writing for Others

2011 Year of No Potential Update – on Personal Rewards and Success

Realisation is Not Celebrating Our Tiny Little Selves

What is a Crazy Person? I’m Just Talking.

Why Doctors Can’t Say “Vegan”

It’s your world. Gift it with your dreams.

Why I Wanted to Leave Twitter and Why I Stayed

What kind of Community do You Want to Inspire?

3 Solutions to Blogging Stress

The Secret of Digital Empowerment

DE 201: Sprouting a Location Independent Minimalist Business

Sitting on a Pretty House of Cards

The Illusion of Freedom

My Foray into Digital Simplicity

No Such Thing as an End

A Love Letter to Some Bloggers

Shine Marketing 101

Introducing WordPress

What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

Hello world!

Announcing my new writing and editing service

Unplug the Expired Ideas

Staying Focussed

Hua Hu Ching

Global Vegetarianism as a Goal, Without Discriminating Against Indigenous Populations

The Tract of the Quiet Way

What I Want for the World #1 – people

Eating Pigs *Does* Cause Swine Flu, and here’s why.

More Taoist Classics from James Legge

From the Lieh Tzu, translated by Lionel Giles

Good boy, Serj!

Arson or Climate Change?

The Gruesome Truth about Australian Abattoirs

The Coming Reunification of Israel, Gaza and West Bank.

How to Slaughter a Pig

Do We Really Value Life?

Forests… the lungs of the earth. It’s true! Ideas… Final Round – Obamas, “Go Vegan AS A FAMILY”

Voiceless Releases Report on Australian Factory Chickens

Methane Saga Beginning?

Cloud to Cloud Spectacular



Animal Sentience – a Rock Song for You

Obama, the Animals and the Future

What Do I Do When Fun Isn’t Fun Anymore?

A Letter to a Hospital Nutrition Department

Vegan Whip!

Enter the Positive Cycle

Skippy Sausages?

Dr Rajendra Pachauri IPCC cheif now a blogger

Love Earth Gathering

Meat’s effect on the climate makes it into TIME.

Obama the Vegetarian Choice

Lentils and the Family Jewels

Shoplifting Seagull

Climate Change Links from Jenny

Welcome Back… a Rant… and a Movie

Watch Peaceable Kingdom

Whirled Peas Now a Labour of Love

World Peace Diet – download free or buy this work of… peas.

Veggie Signatures

Meatless is Murder???

Professor Barry Brook on Livestock – and a whole bunch of comments.

Myth 2: Protein Combining

Iran Mistranslated Again

New Facts About Old Forests and Carbon

Arctic Meltdown Update

Dr. Saddler’s Misconceptions About Beef and Our Environment

We Can’t Eat Timber?

Chermside Brisbane Beginner’s Vegetarian Seminar

If You Can, Why Not? (or: No More Excuses)

What Do You Think of WP So Far?

alextababa (deep house): ‘Instrumental 2’


Vegetarian Life Savers: A List


Vegetarian Meats… Where?

Q&A: Allergic to Soy and Beans

Global Warming Song Filming

Everyone’s a Vegetarian

Welcome Veg4Earth signers!

Web Resources: Environment

Blogs Inc.

The Green Years

Economic and Environmental Meltdown

My Child is Turning Vegetarian – What Do I Do?!?

Pamela Protests and I Comment

Easy Recipe Following?!?

Tips: Cleaning Fruit and Veggies

Garnaut and the Farmers

Be a Grown Up!

A Quick Welcome

The Abolitionist Approach?

You’re Needed for Global Warming Filmclip in Brisbane – Saturday July 19th

Tips: Bulk Cooking (Overview)

Garnaut’s Draft for Australia – Hinting at Change – Needs to Add Agriculture

Heaven on Earth is Made of What?

Discuss: Cap/Tax Hybrid: Cap-and-Trade with Pay-Per-Permit

Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade? Why Not Both?

A World About to Come of Age!

Australia’s Emissions Trading Scheme and Animal Agriculture

Meat Consumption and Chronic Illness . . . America vs Europe

Freedom of Religion (from Race and Nation)

Why Does God Let Us Suffer?

Peace Starts… in the Kitchen

An Open Letter: buy back the grain!

Marring Reality


Can We Kick It? Hope We Can!

3 Links: Diet and Climate… Moooo

IQ, NQ and God or Not God.

The Best Foreign Policy is Completely Naive.

911: A Catalyst for Positive Global Changes

Food Crisis, Biofuel and 60 Billion Animals

Biofuel, Livestock, Feed Conversion and Global Food Security.

A Cow Cries at Slaughter

Veggie KFC!

Conference on World Food Security Must Consider Plant-Based Diet as Policy

Rock: “Animal Sentience” by alextababa

Arctic Meltdown Continues

Australia has 10% less forest than thought

Mark Bittman: “less meat, less junk, more plants”

Senator Andrew Bartlett on Veg*nism for the Environment

Ambassador City Resort, Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand

The Arctic Meltdown 2008

Senator Andrew Bartlett on Diet and Cliamte

Australian Law Reform Commission devotes biannual journal to Animals!

Famous Vegetarians

Animals Australia reveals flaws in the CSIRO ‘total wellbeing’ diet

Humane Education Podcasts from Griffith

Steven White on Animal Law for All

IPCC: “Don’t eat meat”

Left or Right?

Chimpanzees experts with herbal healing!

Compassion for life and environment is constitutional in India!

Children / Elderly Intergenerational Cooperation

Kowledge, Ideology, Action

Virtual wars and your child’s future this christmas

May your wishes be carried far, Mr. Olmert!

Why vegetarian? It’s really about humanity.

Sign the WSPCA Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare!

Australia’s new citizenship test

New Alextababa Track

Leo Tolstoy on non-violence, forgiveness, peace, spirit and politics

How food will make us or break us

Don’t Be a Stranger… some thoughts on peace and media

How do you like this flyer?

Spirit, Politics and the Ego

See no #### hear no ####

See no #### hear no ####

The Authentic Hope of Robert Jensen

Inayatullah on “Transforming Capitalism”

Patriarchy, Politics and the Future

More vegetarian recipes

Real and false positivity and the futures!

The tale… (5)

How Australia will change

The New Enlightenment

A Short Modern History of Ideas

The tale… (4)

The New Enlightenment

The tale… (3)

The Tale… (2)

Mungbean soup

The tale…

Today’s rain and rainbow

Greatest moments in history #1

My first haiku

All the blogs in one….

Improve the Self and peace will follow

A matter of national security….

Oh Jerusalem

China- Pt 1: Leaving

The disinformation hits the fan

The process of democracy VS the practice of democracy

In stillness the grass will grow

Meat and War

Spirit in the heart of all

History becomes us


Jean ValJean’s survey of US military in Iraq

Little Miss Sunshine

The Silmarillion, JRR Tolkien

The Dove Campaign for Beauty

Who is the victim?

Life is Business: the commodification of education in Australia

Fight fire with fire, and the world will…. ?

Sunset today…

Finding direction

What is forgiveness?

The Christmas Syndrome

Political Thought, Spirituality and Socialisation

Where are we running to?

Materialism and its God: Intellect and power

“Is man an animal?”… a misleading question.

The Electric Light Metaphor

Mistranslating Ahmadinejad: to the Australian