Posted on June 15, 2008

So after a mammoth two days of “inspiration” I have closed down and re-opened the much more benign Congratulate me on my wise decision later. The pressure is off and I feel much more relaxed about it.

Basically I decided, after two excruciatingly stressful days, that I didn’t want to commit myself to writing a post about the world every day. Much less so the challenge of making it “positive” and “amusingly lighthearted”. As if. I’d much rather commit myself to writing a post a day about whatever takes my fancy. I’m sure it will make for a much more colorful experience for everyone involved.

The inspiration for this change came from one of the most respected bloggers, Maki Maki at Dosh Dosh, on the post Publishing for Profit and Influence: It’s All About the Passion