Be a Grown Up!

Posted on July 9, 2008

The leaders of USA, Japan and Canada are [reportedly] stalling target setting at the G8 summit in Japan. Avazz is planning to deliver the following message to the room of each delegate at the conference :) I think this is a tops idea so am passing on the opportunity to support it to you. The proposed ad is here.

This from Avazz:

“The leaders of Canada, Japan, and the US are blocking discussion at the G8 summit of of urgent climate change policy — emissions reductions targets for the year 2020.
In Tuesday’s Financial Times, Avaaz will run a satirical advertisement to convey a simple message: The world can’t wait another decade for leaders to grow up and start confronting this crisis. We’ll deliver the ad to the hotel room of every G8 delegate, so that no leader can ignore the political cost of shirking responsibility. Help make the ad a success! Use the tools below to sign and endorse the ad, and then donate to help cover the cost”