Bespoke WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for over ten years now and it’s one of the greatest digital tools. Overliance on plugins though will lead to very poor usability and clutter.

A better road, is to purpose build a WordPress theme. This ensures WordPress is maintainable and secure, is easier to manage, and undoubtedly looks and works better.

For example, this WordPress theme allows for linking to externally hosted sites for posts. So I might have a portfolio item setup at Behance, or a piece of writing at Medium, and instead of duplicating them here, I can link out to them, while still indexing them along with local content. I then parse the url for the root host, eg.: ‘’. This gives the reader some indication of what will happen if they click this link, and is just one of many custom functions of this site.

Other things I can help with include

  • Updating your website with a dark mode to support the latest devices and operating systems
  • Updating your website to a responsive design so it is usable on all devices
  • Evaluating your user experience and designing fluid user interactions
  • Joining in your design process to plan a website around your user experience goals and information architecture restrictions
  • Moving your existing site to WordPress

How I work

You can engage me as a freelancer or contracted consultant – whatever suits you, so long as I am able to commit to your time-frame. I can work on site, remotely or a combination of both. How I work depends entirely on what you need. If you are requiring a new site and do not have an IT team, typically I like to build on the very safe infrastructure.