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Posted on July 14, 2008

Hi there. If you’re following the Whirled Peas feed you’ll notice a sudden injection of non-cooking content.

And if you’re following the RSS for or Whirled Peas Blog, you’ll notice a sudden injection of tips on making vegetarian and vegan snacksĀ  ;)

The Whirled Peas Blog and Whirled Peas have just been amalgamated. I think it would be more interesting for everyone to have the food and blog posts interspersed among each other! Over the years I’ve spend too much time on maintaining separate sites, I want to give Whirled Peas all I’ve got and keep it going until the end of the world or the end of me!

You might want to update your feed reader with the permanent feed for Whirled Peas, which now contains the old content of and Whirled Peas Blog. I’m considering including material from my even older blogs although I’m not too sure. Maybe just one or two of the posts.