Personal Branding & Brand Strategy

Do you need a personal brand?

If you’re operating a public entity of any sort, you have a brand. It’s what people feel about you. If your business has your own name and face, that brand will be personal. The only question is, are you in control of that brand and have you optimised it for who you want to be, what you want to do, and who you want to help?

Why would you need a personal brand?

Aren’t you always you after all? Sure. But seeing as a brand is just how people feel about you, personal branding really just means putting the best version of yourself out there, so people judge you in the best way and let you help them.

A personal brand will clarify:

  • your values
  • your public voice
  • your people
  • your messages
  • the change you want to create for your people

Having a personal brand that works for you is also really motivating. It’s a more organised representation of yourself. Defining all the moving parts of your brand helps you get moving, and attract the right sort of people. You’ll:

  • avoid creative blocks – always have topics for content
  • clarify your goals and direction
  • show up stay consistently

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