Can We Kick It? Hope We Can!

Posted on June 15, 2008

1676961 (Small) If this blog is still going in five years three miracles will have occurred… 1. I will have succeeded in writing about real-world issues in a way that doesn’t make me feel crazy, hyper-intellectual or sick… 2. Human civilization will not have collapsed on itself… and 3. The environment will not have collapsed on itself either.

So today I was almost positive that this blog is impossible. “It’s simply not plausible that a blog that consistently addressed world problems could be constantly positive and fun. I don’t want to do it if it’s going to drain me” – I thought to myself. Yeah well, we’ll see.

Food crisis. Environmental crisis. Morally inefficient and reality allergic political systems. Solutions that we refuse to accept because our societies and traditions are not designed to include them and we don’t like change.

Lets face it, we prefer not to be with ourselves. Alone time with No. 1 must be filled up with something… TV… radio… in the absence of these we make sure we find something good to think about. This tendency, like an addiction (you get used to stuff and when you feel it makes life easier you can get psychologically addicted) fuels the mega-wasteful technological society.

Basically we are waiting for the mainstream media to catch on to the urgency of the environmental situation. Until that occurs, we are basically doomed. I mean, as individuals we should do everything we can to help spread the message – but the fact is we can’t do much unless TV asks us to do it. Even if we use environmentally friendly bags, stop drinking water from plastic bottles; even if we all drive a Prius it won’t halt global warming. We will still be emitting and the greenhouse gasses will still be in the atmosphere trapping more heat.

Positive feedback cycles such as melting Arctic ice -> less sunlight reflected -> warmer sea -> lessice -> melting permafrost and oceaning methane -> more GHG -> more melting -> more GHG -> less ice -> etc etc will ensure that unless we start widespread revegetation/afforestation of all the cleared land, immediate halting of meat eating, tipping points will be quickly passes.

Halting maet eating is important because of the amount of valuable forest cleared daily (and already cleared in the past 200 years of massive population growth) in order to grow feedcrop and graze livestuck.

Would you go vegetarian to prevent climate change and hunger?

Would you undercut your position in present day society by forcing yourself onto public transport, although it wasted hours more of your day?

Will you purchase green energy (many energy companies offer offsets for your bill at something around 10% extra)?

Will you eat all your leftovers the next day before cooking another meal?

Will you go hungry rather than patron enviornmentally damaging businesses that offer you a cheap fix on the way home from work?

Will you even think about the environment and be courageous enough to change your habits to accomodate it?

Will you take the intiative to find out how even when the TV isn’t helping? Will you break your TV addiction?

Would you stop fueling consumerist society by stopping buying gadgets and odd gimmicks that you don’t really need? Will you be satisfied with yourself?