When Simplicity Gets Misused (Users aren’t Amused) - October 9, 2012 - Blog, Web

Not so long ago I moved further away from a typical blog layout and implemented a minimalistic homepage, that to me felt more authentic and natural. I loved it for a month or so, until I started thinking a lot about its usability. It had a serious problem. I’d made a classic mistake, where  simplicity […]

Drinking as a Quick Fix - September 9, 2012 - Blog, Culture

Alcohol doesn’t make you feel better. You make you feel better (with a drink). Alcohol isn’t retarding your emotional self, you are. I was writing separate posts, one on getting drunk and another on accidental police shootings, when I kept stumbling on one theme: the quick-fix. These two seemingly distant issues have a common root […]

No Such Thing as an End - August 17, 2010 - Blog, Culture

We all have goals – and we talk about things being a means to an end. Today Bill asked which was more important. I thought about it, and went beyond my usual idea that means are more important. The ends don’t exist. We have ideas about where and what we want to be, and who […]

Patriarchy, Politics and the Future - May 4, 2007 - Blog, Humanism

(this article is in progress) What we have in our society is a kind of fanatical rationality. So much material progress has been made under the doctrine of rationality that it reigns spureme, unchecked. The result is that many aspects of our lives, our societies and our world are intellectualised when in fact they require […]

The New Enlightenment - April 17, 2007 - Blog, Humanism, New Enlightenment, Spirit & Politik

The purpose of a foreword is to put the rest of a book in a particular context. But the context of this book is no secret: the relationship between the self-proclaimed champion-states of civilization and the rest of the world; and the placidly divided societies inside these ‘perfect democracies’. Though these issues are mirrored in […]

A Short Modern History of Ideas - - Blog, New Enlightenment, Spirit & Politik

  A complete mystery to many scientists is how ‘the mind arises from the biology of the brain’. The question is a mystery because it contains a fatal assumption: that the mind arises from the brain. The inability to explain human consciousness is something common to all materialists, who reduce all reality to the interaction […]