I’m a documentary photographer, creating windows in time and space, working with natural light and phenomenon. I use the Fuji system and iPhones, shooting JPEG.

Details – ephemera captured - October 16, 2019 - hosted at at - Photography, Black & White, iPhoneography

An ongoing collection of photographs of random this and thats. Most of these are shot on an iPhone 6. The ones with a white border are taken with Blackie App on iPhone – a great app for black and white iPhoneography. Many were taken with the iPhone’s Noir preset – a very nice high contrast black and white mode.

A Needle in a Haystack - February 24, 2019 - Blog, Diary, Photography, Black & White, writing

When I lost someone to the universe, cosmoverse or whatever people go when they are not people anymore, I worried a little that the person I knew was not what now existed, and that the things that held us together, flesh, family, had dissolved into time. I worried that they were now a needle in […]

New Camera old Feels - February 20, 2019 - Blog, Photography

I just got a new Camera. This time there are no illusions. It will not change my life. It will not help me express myself. No one will be moved or changed by the photos it takes. It’s just a waste of money to entertain me as time slips away. The x-e1 is a cool […]

Japan in Colour - March 21, 2016 - hosted at at - Culture, Photography

Revisiting last year’s photos from Japan with experimental post-processing. (Flikr)

Thoughts on Photgraphy, possibly new. Probably not. - April 18, 2015 - Blog, Photography

Nirvana plays, something seems off. I don’t listen to nirvana, not since I was 14. It seems fitting though. I’m thinking about street photography. Music made by a band led by a man who took his own life. The music is great, the lyrics are smart.  Street photography is similar. Photography in general is I […]

The Trouble With Taking Good Photos - March 6, 2015 - Blog, Photography, Works

Taking a good photo is difficult. The hardest part is you almost cannot do it on purpose. You just have to be in the right time and place, at the ready. Who says a shot is good anyway? The first person whose opinion you should seek is your own. Listening to others can be valuable […]

Photo February - March 4, 2015 - Blog, Photography

I wrote this as I really started to get into photography. My enthusiasm when I decide to do something is nuclear.

Top Photos of 2014 - December 20, 2014 - Blog, Culture, Photography

Today was a good year for creative expression all around, and these photos aren’t any exceptions! I’m also an avid instagrammer… these are my favourites from the year. If you’d like to see more, follow alidark3000. Some of these are SLR shots with a load of post-processing… some are straight iphone snaps. Some are good […]