Black & White

Details – ephemera captured - October 16, 2019 - hosted at at - Photography, Black & White, iPhoneography

An ongoing collection of photographs of random this and thats. Most of these are shot on an iPhone 6. The ones with a white border are taken with Blackie App on iPhone – a great app for black and white iPhoneography. Many were taken with the iPhone’s Noir preset – a very nice high contrast black and white mode.

A Needle in a Haystack - February 24, 2019 - Blog, Diary, Photography, Black & White, writing

When I lost someone to the universe, cosmoverse or whatever people go when they are not people anymore, I worried a little that the person I knew was not what now existed, and that the things that held us together, flesh, family, had dissolved into time. I worried that they were now a needle in […]