Edifier R1010BT – Great Value Speakers - March 6, 2018 - Culture, Reviews

If you’re an audiophile, you’ve already looked at the price point and decided these aren’t for you, and you’re correct. But for music lovers in general, they might really hit a sweet spot in value, sound, format and looks. Where I see these working well is as an alternative to various portable sound devices, such […]

TDK A33… The Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker? - February 21, 2013 - Reviews, Web

This post is a little old now and there are many other better bluetooth speakers on the market. Please checkout my coverage of these great Edifier desktop/bookshelf powered monitors Rating: 5 Update: The links in this article have been redirected to the A33’s successor, the A34. I’ve tried this out in a local store, it’s […]