Résumé - October 14, 2018 - Uncategorized

Things I’ve done a lot of: graphic design web design Things I’ve done a little of: service design instructional design game design print design / pagesetting Things I’d like to do more of: experience design digital transformation interactive design A little about me Overall I’m an ambidextrous creative who thinks laterally and looks out for […]

Unplug the Expired Ideas - May 25, 2009 - Uncategorized

If someone disagrees with us, a little humility might go a long way. It might just be that they are helping us dislodge a idea that’s rusting away inside of us, well passed it’s used by date. I’ve touched on this before but now more than ever it’s time to cast aside stale ideas in […]

Staying Focussed - May 21, 2009 - Uncategorized

It’s past 4am and I’ve been wasting the time I’ve supposed to be using productively to achieve world peace. Can anyone give me their ideas on staying enthused, on track and active? My goal seems so broad that anything towards it just seems lost in a whirlpool. Don’t know how else to explain it, but […]

Hua Hu Ching - May 20, 2009 - Uncategorized

By Lao Tzu It’s not apparant that this document was written by the historical Lao Tzu, but it could have been by one of his students or future incarnations. (Translated by Brian Walker) One I reach the Integral Way of uniting with the great and mysterious Tao. My teachings are simple; if you try to […]

The Tract of the Quiet Way - - Uncategorized

The Lord says: For seventeen generations I have been incarnated as a high mandarin, and I have never oppressed my people nor maltreated my subordinates. I have helped them in misfortune; I have rescued them from poverty; I have taken compassion on their orphans; I have forgiven their transgressions; I have extensively practised secret virtue […]

What I Want for the World #1 – people - - Uncategorized

These days I’ve been feeling a little tired in my mind, frustrated with the ways of the world and loosing sight of any vision that makes anything worthwhile. This little peice of writing I’m about to committ to the screen is going to reaffirm my deepest hopes and dreams for the world, and the people […]

Eating Pigs *Does* Cause Swine Flu, and here’s why. - May 13, 2009 - Uncategorized

Despite claims that pork is safe, everyone needs to know that eating pigs (pork, bacon and the rest) does in fact cause swine flu. From the WHO FAQ on the new hybrid influenza strain: Is it safe to eat pork and pork products? Yes. influenza A(H1N1) has not been shown to be transmissible to people […]

More Taoist Classics from James Legge - May 2, 2009 - Uncategorized

The Pivot of Jade The stone tablet in Lao-tzu’s temple A B. The inscription Tractate of actions and their retributions Purity (and Rest) The Harmony of the Seen and the Unseen The Classic of the Pivot of Jade Teaching without words . . . taking no action . . . THE NAME of the Treatise, […]

From the Lieh Tzu, translated by Lionel Giles - - Uncategorized

Originally from http://oaks.nvg.org/ys1ra7.html – I couldn’t help archive a copy. Introduction Cosmogony The Yellow Emperor Dreams Confucius The Questions of T’ang Effort and Destiny Causality More Introduction THE LIEH-TZÜ is a Taoist work. It contains material from the third century BC, but the book comes down to us in its present shape from AD 3-400. […]

Good boy, Serj! - March 18, 2009 - Uncategorized

This came to me via an introductory email from Animals Australia’s new project, Unleashed. For fans of humane oriented alternative music, or humane anything for that matter, I’m sure the site will be interesting to browse. There are plenty of things for inspiration as well as food for thought. Speaking is Serj Tankian, frontman from […]

Arson or Climate Change? - February 9, 2009 - Uncategorized

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has branded the arsonists as “mass murderers”. The Australian There is another explanation, perhaps even more unpleasant than the prospect of murder. We can always catch a killer, but catching climate change might mean we have to change our way of life. The United Nations has published that 9 out of […]

The Gruesome Truth about Australian Abattoirs - January 28, 2009 - Uncategorized

Of course, Abattoirs is a fancy french word, used to hide the reality of a place where living beings are slaughtered. I wonder if the French call them “slaughterhouses” for the same reason… or do they use a german word or something. Well… enough of that.

The Coming Reunification of Israel, Gaza and West Bank. - January 27, 2009 - Uncategorized

History is our biggest common enemy. Although, strictly speaking, Israel controls the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank, we can think of them as separate nations, as both refuse to integrate with the other. Israel and Palestine are the perfect manifestation of the past plagueing the future. The feud represents the worst of […]

How to Slaughter a Pig - January 18, 2009 - Uncategorized

Slaughtering a Pig is an in depth process. A number of steps must be taken before the knife is even picked up. In killing a pig you are ending the life of a another sentient creature, and this is no light matter. Firstly, to insure that the act of killing does not leave you too […]

Do We Really Value Life? - January 16, 2009 - Uncategorized

Helicopters fetch patients daily from hundreds or thousands of kilometers across the state. Ambulances transport the injured around town, with lights blaring and cars desperately trying to slide out of the way. Nurses from across the ward rush to a cardiac arrest. Billions of dollars are invested in health and hospitals dominate inner city landscapes. […]

Forests… the lungs of the earth. It’s true! - January 14, 2009 - Uncategorized

A little cliché perhaps, but a realization hit me in the shower, which I’d like to share (the realization – not the shower…), though I can’t really elaborate on it or point you to further resources at the moment. Forests actually maintain climatic equilibrium. How do I know this? Well, there are two well known […]

Change.org Ideas… Final Round - January 5, 2009 - Uncategorized

So the “go vegan as a family” idea didn’t make it through, it finished in 6th place for Agricultural policy, but needed 3rd or above :( … but these two did and deserve your vote:

Change.org – Obamas, “Go Vegan AS A FAMILY” - December 30, 2008 - Uncategorized

This actually makes a lot of sense: Showing the world how to intelligently go vegan – and the Obamas ARE intelligent – would make the entire SHIFT – an ecologically NECESSARY shift – feasible, painless, and – since the Obamas are doing it RIGHT – lots of fun… We have only a few hours left […]