Chimpanzees experts with herbal healing!

Posted on December 21, 2007

“What is surprising to me is that these chimps have no chemist, no lab… They simply move in and collect plants and eventually find themselves getting cured,” the 27-year-old marvelled. “It’s a proof that they are very close to us.”Around 100 different kinds of plants have already been sampled in Kibale since the start of 2007.

“It’s quite rare to find active molecules but especially new molecules which might put us on the path to developing new pharmaceuticals,” which is the ultimate goal of the project, Krief said.

The French scientist said she hoped that, while advancing medicine for humans, the research project in Kibale could also contribute to “a better understanding and protection of the flora and the great apes” in the forest, both of which include critically endangered species.

Not to mention a better understanding of the intrinsic value and sentience in all animals, everywhere.

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