Conference on World Food Security Must Consider Plant-Based Diet as Policy

Posted on May 30, 2008

Securing world food security in light of the impact of climate change may be one of the biggest challenges we face in this century.

An estimated 850 million people in the world today suffer from hunger. Of those, about 820 million live in developing countries, the very countries expected to be most affected by climate change….

the High-Level Conference will take place 3-5 June 2008.

(from the FAO’s website)

Dear conference participators and planners. Remember that we feed a third of the world’s harvest to animals. Remember that this can change with changes in consumer patterns. Speak up. Urge reductions in meat consumption. Urge state-sponsored reforestation of freed up lands.

Please don’t talk about ‘population problems’ before you talk about the problem of our diet. The meat diet uses up 70% of agricultural land and pollutes water resources all over the world. The FAO knows this, they brought the world’s attention to it in Livestock’s Long Shadow.

Intensification is not the answer. Policies that support huge reductions in meat eating are the fastest, least intrusive and cost-effective way to solve most of the problems we are facing.

Together with expansions in the World Banks forest protection scheme, sponsored generously by the developed world, we can create vegetation and livelihoods for those on the land.

We, the people of this world, are waiting for your leadership. We are waiting for change. There is no time to ignore this simple, most effective and immediate solution.

Make reducing meat consumption by 2/3rds, or going switching entirely to plant-based diets, UN and FAO policy.