Direction, Compromise, Attractive Evil Doorways and Ideals.

Posted on September 26, 2012
Updated October 9, 2012

I’ve been in business with the vegan cheese for nine or so months now, long enough to want to keep this article out of any Google search for it’s name.

Although the actual workload has been very manageable, the product itself has been extremely trying. I thought I had it down a year ago when I started trials. I had no idea how susceptible to procedural variations the recipe was and have had weeks where I simply did not know what was going on with my product. I’d upscale production and have to redesign the recipe and procedure on the fly, with orders waiting.

When you’re hand to mouth, I don’t need to tell you how stressful that is.

Yet, the harder, longer road is sometimes the road worth taking. I’ve been able to organically grow my business without marketing, at a pace that allows me to learn about myself, my business and my product while I do it. When it hits the other major capitals of Australia, I’ll be ready for the onslaught.


I’ve never been into it. When you’ve got something good and know you need to do the right thing with it, this could be good or bad. Whatever it is, you won’t know until later, if you ever do.

Paths will open to you that look good but feel bad, or vice versa. Being uncompromising on principles, goals, directions and ideas is good, as long as I take a moment to reflect on whether the proposed ‘compromise’ isn’t a better path that actually reflects better goals, principles, etc.

Attractive Evil Doorways

It’s scary to hold off, to say no to something big, to not walk through a grand open door that would be good right now, but you suspect won’t later. I am utterly focussed on later. I’d rather make a larger impact on more people further down the road than on less people tomorrow.

A great looking opportunity for the shorter term might prevent a world of opportunity in the long term, because you’ll have gone so far down one road, become entangled in stories, lives and paths, that perhaps you couldn’t get back and choose another way if you wanted to.

The really scary thing as I face that door is the knowledge that you can’t wait forever for the right path to be laid beneath your feet. Nothing will ever be that perfect and everything will be what you make of it. Sooner or later you’re going to have to walk where you can see.

But, I let another door pass into the scenery behind me in perhaps vain hope, but what feels more like intuition, that someone that will work out much, much better for everyone is not too far ahead, something that will not involve so much compromise, something that will not restrain my business and product in a tangle of obligation, promises and… fears.

Find the dreamers, the believers, the friends. This is the thing I don’t want to compromise on right now. I’ll wait for them. I’ll play it cool.