Don’t Be a Stranger… some thoughts on peace and media

Posted on June 27, 2007

We still have nations, national identities. However unfortunate this may seem, it is part of our evolution in consciousness. Slowly, or now quickly as some observe, we are going from misunderstanding and conflict to understanding and spirituality. But how can we avoid as much of the grueling learning process as we can?

enews-181-hi-61 (Small) Recently, in a gathering of Master and disciples in Austria, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the importance of understanding other cultures in minimising conflict. It is true that in most countries we experience a total lack of positive information on, or representations of, other countries. Our knowledge of the world is limited to the evening news which incidentally – but equally competently – leaves us with fearful impressions of the world and other cultures (while presenting local incidents as isolated results of individual deviance).

We need more access to positive representations of far off and different peoples to counter the negative impressions we are left with each day. The Master suggested that Her disciples should become involved in creating documentaries about their own countries, with whatever equipment they have available, to show the world their humanity. The idea is that no one will harm a friend. Thus, if we are given good impressions of different cultures, traditions, dress and tongues, we will be less likely to jump to negative conclusions, experience confusion and misconception, or even engage in conflict. The documentaries, as they arise, will be shown on the not-for-profit, all-positive TV station sponsored by  Supreme Master Ching Hai, SupremeMasterTV and contributed to the association that has grown out of her grace and example.

In the science of conflict management it is well known that confrontation usually arises from lack of communication and understanding. Instead of looking and differences and jumping into defensive positions, we ought to seek out the good in others, and communicate to others the good about ourselves ? before the need to get defensive. We should be familiar with those around us and be clear that we wish to cooperate and be friendly, despite difference of culture or lifestyle. This could also happen on the international scale ? more than it is.

I for one agree with the Master, though before listening to Her, it hadn’t struck me how media and communication could play an extremely positive role in creative Heaven on Earth. We need to know the good things about everyone now. Because all people are good, and they act it, when they are not bombarded with misrepresentations of each other, but can see each other for what they are.