Economic and Environmental Meltdown

Posted on July 13, 2008

I was eighteen when I realised that the lifestyles in countries like Australia are driving the world to a calamitic meltdown and tragic aftermath. It seems that this is entering common knowledge with experts speaking of “inevitable” economic and environmental collapses.

Crisis Points:

The frustrating thing is that all the solutions exist. Most of them hinge on diet. One small change and so much stress is relieved.

The solution is being wasted because of our emotional attachment to meat! We could all survive an economic meltdown if we are living frugal, green vegetarian lives, but otherwise our environments won’t sustain us and there will be power conflicts over stressed resources.

How does meat stress our resources?

Without meat we have a chance, with meat, none. If we stop now, we will remove a range of pressures from our societies, and avert disaster.

It seems that people would rather continue with their traditions and suffer the consequences, pretending tradition justifies it. But being emotional is never an excuse.

Change is not hard. Go vegetarian. It’s so easy, it’s so healthy, it’s so kind. Be courageous! Be practical!