Embrace the Arrogance of Writing for Others

Posted on February 27, 2012
Updated June 29, 2018

You have to recognise the arrogance of writing to bulk advise folks on their issues and personal development. Yes you do. No one’s going to punish you if you don’t get it, but you’ll be dishing out the hurt as long as you’re at your game.

It’s an awesome contradiction. To be qualified, you need to know that you are not qualified, that you don’t know what’s best for someone, that you don’t know what people need. Let’s face it, like 7 billion other people, you can’t even sort all your own shit out. You’re not at the end of your journey. You’re not, not even probably not, the incarnation of Christ. You’re just as likely to put someone on the wrong track as the right, because you’ll understand everything better tomorrow and look back at what you’ve written for people today and shudder.

You have to know that the fist reason for writing is for you. Whatever is pushing you to connect with those keyes, it’s most likely not your ordained mission to save the world and its souls. I mean, just look at all those writers who spend their years tapping out crud that is clearly wrong. They too were saving the world with their words, correcting the the wrongs of the minions.

It’s all relative. But clear your head of delusions of grandeur in which you know better than others. If you must patronise others, do it humbly. Remove the ‘truth’ from your writing.

Your soul and the destiny of everyone who comes into contact with your words will thank you.

(This is my truth today, you’re welcome to it.)