Everyone’s a Vegetarian

Posted on July 20, 2008

IMG_8234 I’m learning that most people, veggie or not, are caring and loving vegetarians – no matter what they eat. Maybe not now, but later.

Just today I heard back from an old friend, who I had emailed a page about Islam and Vegetarianism. His family is from Palestine, but mostly living in here in Brisbane. What he told me was a big suprise, and helped me to realise that every effort has ripples and will manifest change, even if we don’t usually see it.

He was so touched by the truth, and the wonderful and sensitive words written by the founders of his faith, that he shared the news with the rest of his family. Many of them are now doing their best to cut back on animal products!

Most of the time we don’t think it possible that someone can change. Yet, much of the time, they already have – they’re just waiting for an opportunity.

Reminds me to be brave.