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Famous Vegetarians

Focusing on the soulful founders of western civilization, musicians and actors that we all know and love, this video will reveal a number of your favorites as vegetarians!

PS- visit this site to have a read, and if you can cut back on your meat intake – or eliminate – sign the petition!



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  1. That was a great video. I do not, however, stand behind PETA because of their stance on Pit-Bulls and supporting a mass-euthanasia bill of all pit-bull breeds. Which are the cutest and yet, most abused dogs out there.

    Until they make amends to this i will always have a stink-eye for PETA, PETA2 and those who wear their t-shirts like moby in this video. Since i have rescued pit-bulls and had them in my life, i know the amount of love and loyalty these dogs give. And for anyone to say these dogs don’t deserve to live while standing for ethical treatment of animals is hypocritical.

    Sorry, i didn’t mean to steal any of the thunder of that video, i do think it’s important for people to see others who are vegetarian to get an idea of greatness behind supporters of vegetarianism. Another vegetarian is Ed Begley Jr. who does a lot for the environment like he has a line of earth friendly cleaning products and whatnot.

    Anyway, love the video. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi.

    I didn’t makes this video!

    I can’t believe that PEAT wants to euthanase anyone! I agree with you though – that would be horrible. Any dog is sweet if treated sweetly. Treat them like a shark and – hey, presto!

    I’m slipping in another video and a link to a petition.


  3. Actually Alistair, it isn’t well known, here is a link to one site that has some startling information on PETA: and .

    I couldn’t believe it either, they actually do a lot of euthanasing themselves after adopting them from shelters, which i totally forgot somehow, cats and dogs. I hope you’re glad i brought this to you attention, some people get mad at me when i tell them this.

    Thanks for linking the video’s , hope a lot of people see them and decide to make a change.