Fight fire with fire, and the world will…. ?

Posted on January 8, 2007

By now most of the people on the planet have all voiced their opinions about the execution of Saddam. I’ve managed to hold off for some time. What I want to say about it is not that spectacular.

Firstly, yes it was terrible. I Have not watched the video and I would not like to. The pictures were enough. Secondly, Saddam is a criminal with much blood on his hands. However the question of capital punishment is not one of justice. There is no such thing as justice in the human world, according to human concepts. What we call ‘justice’ really means revenge. And it keeps the circle of life going.

The purpose of law in an enlightened society is not to punish and revenge, it is to protect and reform. Protect people from having their assumed rights (for all rights are social creations; governed by the people’s collective level of enlightenment…) infringed upon, and to reform those, through remonstration and education, who are found guilty to have made the infringements. According to the knowledge of the many enlightened beings who have graced our world and left their mark, Justice is not a dish served by humans. Justice is a law beyond our control, a part of God, the law and mechanism of creation (super-ceded though by greater counterparts: love and wisdom): Justice is inescapable.

Talk of ‘justice’ is usually a cover for something else. We cannot expect most people to realise this as they are in the middle of a whole series of various justices and injustices which are all very real and justifiable in their own contexts.

What I would like to say, is that this human ‘justice’ is misguided, because we always see things from a purely physical standpoint, for example… land… money… water… eventually it seems justifiable to hurt, soon it is justifiable to kill. So where did is start?

It started with the idea that humans are purely physical in their beginnings, middles and ends. It started when we cared so much about ourselves, and so little about others, that we simply lost track of the Spirit in life. Saddam’s actions in life, like Bush and other terrible dictators and thieves (to say the least), are results of materialistic ideas which we all hold, manifesting in the pressure placed on one man to commit the actual acts. Do you really think Saddam or Bush are just madmen? Do you really think they know all of what they do? I think they are simply playing within the laws of human society they see them. Within those human laws, life is cheap and shit happens. Within those laws, we are separated into groups: classes, ethnicities, you name it.

If we don’t like death or war, perhaps we should change the law, by changing the laws that we live by. If we do the same on a smaller scale, with our little justifications, how can we truly blame those who just take the idea overboard? It is a small hypocrisy, but still hypocrisy.

So whether old Saddam perhaps did find a modicum of his personal justice in the ending of his life is not for us to decide, though it probably was a part of it, as all life is. But if we think there are some things worth killing for, where do we draw the line? The sad truth is, we make ‘justice’ up as we go along.

Or so I guess. Tell me what you think.

There’s a movement against the death penalty: