Finding direction

Posted on December 27, 2006

My cousin had just turned 17 and finished high school with exceptional results. In my family, this is the equivalent of attaining enlightenment: continuing a tradition of a superior eloquence, social worth (status) and high pay.
‘Why don’t you think about law?’ Someone piped up from around the Christmas table. All right, it was my own father, whose disappointment in my rejection of the above mentioned family values is never far behind the tip of his tongue, especially at family gatherings when all is on display. I didn’t say much at the time, or not much of use to her. But if I had another chance to interject, I’d tell her this….

…if there’s not something you really feel that you would like to do, for yourself, or for others, take time out. There’s no hurry, it’s not a race. Get away from your parents, support yourself a little, change your scene and meet new people. Find what’s important to you… hell, find yourself. You might make a very good lawyer, you might make an average lawyer. You will definitely fall into a well paying position. But for God’s sake, don’t live a perfunctory life of duty to anyone or thing. Our world is full of trouble because enough people are already living this kind of life. The truth is that following this model won’t change much of it. But perhaps, that already doesn’t bother you too much. I hope, for you, that in time you will feel a deeper need, a greater reason to offer something more special, more you to the world.