Fujifilm Acros Simulation Tips

How to get great grain and contrast with Fuji-x Acros.

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The Fuji Acros simulation includes it’s own neat grain formula – so you can turn the grain off in Image Settings.

iso12800 – x100v

Shooting with high ISO emphasizes the grain, at the expense of dynamic range and resolution I guess. To increase the ISO to ridiculous levels, you need to reduce the amount of incoming light. Use a ND filter, if you have one (the x100 line all have one built in!). If not, you can crank up the aperture.

The Jimmy – iso12800, x100v

High contrast

You can use the tone curve in Image Settings to increase the contrast of the image. To keep a little of the dynamic range though, you can set DR to 400. I don’t worry too much about blowing out the highlights anymore, as long as it looks natural. Of course I try not to, but all my photos are JPEG so there’s usually a little extra clipping.