Garnaut and the Farmers

Posted on July 9, 2008

I’ve been waiting pensively for this article to appear.

Basically the farmers agribusiness has realized three things

  • the devastating impact of their trade on the environment and global climate
  • the cost that will bring under comprehensive emissions trading (if the government takes a stance for the future, we shall see)
  • they can use ‘national interest’ to their advantage and secure the means to pollute the present and destroy the future.

Garnaut, don’t conceed to this. Agirculture, particularly livestock raising which emits the vast bulk of the sector’s GHG, isn’t worth it. Under the stressful environmental conditions recently and in the forseeable future, the sector is worth nothing to Australia.

In fact the sector, particularly livestock raising, continues to use and pollute our water and clear and degrade our land.

Although as individuals they are still unconscious of the damage their industry causes, the damage is still being done. I don’t need their cancer, diabetes and heart disease causing products, or the teeny tiny amount of money that goes back into the Australian economy from them

Oh, and to you veggie based permaculture and horticulture farmers, your emissions are non-existent thus no need to worry. :)